World Cup 2018: free curriculum resources

world cup
April 11th, 2018

Tie in the World Cup 2018 to your teaching with these free downloadable resources, put together by Peters’ librarians and curriculum experts. See below for a set of guided reading notes for every year group, linking to Russia and the World Cup, plus curriculum links. Suitable for EYFS, KS1 and KS2.


World Cup 2018 curriculum links


World Cup 2018

Goal! – EYFS football themed book

Jon’s football team – Year 1 football themed book

Mr Monkey plays football – Year 2 football themed book

Up for the cup! – Year 3 football themed book

World Cup final – Year 4 football themed book

T.J and the hat-trick – Year 5 football themed book

The Mighty Dynamo – Year 6 football themed book



Babushka- EYFS Russia themed book

The Firebird – Year 1 Russia themed book

The Blue bird’s palace – Year 2 Russia themed book

Ivan the Terrible – Year 3 Russia themed book

Peter and the wolf – Year 4 Russia themed book

The king who thought he was clever – Year 5 Russia themed book

The diamond horse – Year 6 Russia themed book


Extra cross-subject reading

World Cup 2018

A footballer called Flip


Jon’s football team

Mr Monkey plays football


The animals’ football final

The mighty dynamo

TJ and the hat-trick

Up for the cup!

World cup final



Ivan the terrible

Peter and the wolf

The blue bird’s palace

The diamond horse

The firebird

The king who thought he was clever

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