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Secondary fluency

The Reading Framework is also making it a priority for those pupils who arrive in KS3 still lacking fluency to be supported more extensively.

It is important to identify whether they need support in decoding or reading fluency. It is likely that pupils with a reading age (RA) of 8 or below will need the support of an SSP programme, though few will need to start at the beginning and pupils with RAs of 8 and 9, are likely to need support in developing their reading speed and fluency.’

DfE Reading Framework 2023

Are you considering how best to meet the needs of pupils not yet ready to read longer independent texts? We recommend the series below.

Wow! Fiction

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For students ready for a slightly longer text, but still struggling with fluency, the Wow! Fiction series from Badger is ideal. Providing stories targeted at the right age range in terms of characters and themes, but not as advanced in terms of text length or complexity, these titles are a good way to build up the reading miles without overwhelming students.

Big Cat Little Wandle Fluency

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Though aimed at KS2 readers still improving fluency, so content needs to be carefully considered when using at KS3, this series is the next step in terms of both vocabulary and length. At nearly 100 pages each the titles encourage students to start building reading stamina, and there is also greater fluidity between text types with a non-fiction section provided along side most of the stories.

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If you'd like advice on phonics at KS3, or you'd like a bespoke selection of books to support phonics and fluency at secondary, contact us at or call 0121 666 6646.

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