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Curriculum non-fiction

We recognise that every school will have different priorities, both in terms of the curriculum topics being studied, and varying needs for reflecting pupils' lives and engaging them with the world beyond their local community.

Whether supporting a curriculum topic, or designed as a leisure read, non-fiction texts are always a great way to engage and motivate children who may not yet have found their love of reading - useful both for allowing pupils to explore their existing interests, and encouraging them to develop new ones.

Non-fiction also:

  • Exposes pupils to new words, helping them develop a broad and rich vocabulary
  • Develops the critical thinking skills essential to recognising ‘fake news’
  • Helps children to navigate the diverse world we live in and the issues they may encounter as they prepare for the transition to secondary school.

Our team have put together some non-fiction recommendations for topics often covered during the autumn term, highlighting some of the outstanding books currently available, and you can view these below. 

Alternatively, if you have another theme or topic you'd like recommendations for this term, browse all available curriculum non-fiction or get in touch by emailing us at


Inspiring the heroes of tomorrow

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Non-fiction not only has the potential to unlock a passion for a new subject, it may even inspire a future career or generate ideas on how to make the world a better place. Get to know your new class by asking them to talk about their dream career, or profiling a public figure that they admire.

Festivals around the world

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There are many festivals that take place in the autumn term, with opportunities for cross-curricular links. Many religious and cultural celebrations lend themselves to Art or DT projects, Music-making sessions, and of course pupils' reading research can link back to literacy lessons where they can record and share their findings.

First concepts

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For pupils who've just started school, non-fiction titles can introduce concepts such as letters, numbers and opposites. Engaging and colourful titles are a great way to make learning fun, especially by following children’s interests in subjects such as dinosaurs, space or the natural world. Sharing one of these titles in a small group, or even having some of your older pupils visit to share one with your new pupils, is a great way to envelop Reception children in the school’s reading community and to help to foster positive relationships – both with older pupils and with books themselves.

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