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Passionate about children's reading

At Peters we have decades of experience, and we're passionate about inspiring children and young people to read.

We believe all young people should have access to great books, and inspiring spaces to enjoy them in. Our librarians and curriculum specialists read and review more than 10,000 newly published children's and young adult books every year, so we can help and advise on your reading requirements.

  • Expert reviews written by our librarians
  • Search by themed keyword
  • Free bib. data
  • Competitive discounts and special offers
  • Free delivery on orders over £50
  • Optional book jacketing and labelling

Each week our librarians and curriculum specialists highlight the most exciting new fiction and non-fiction titles – books we feel are unmissable library and classroom essentials which will grab students' attention and get them reading for pleasure. 

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Our customers say

I cannot recommend Peters highly enough. We took a group of students for a visit to buy books for our library and it was a phenomenal experience. Knowledgeable and friendly staff and a magnificent showroom.

Kevin Cobane, English and Mathematics Teacher, University of Birmingham School

We love the information provided by Peters when it comes to buying books. The reviews are by real librarians who've read the books and the info on key stages, keywords and reading ages is great. Major time-saving help!

Cassie Kemp, Librarian at Midlands Creative Learning Services

Peters' library reorganisation service has been invaluable in helping us move forward in developing a love of reading across the school. They provided us with such high-quality reading material, as well as removing any outdated books. The children have been so excited with the new books, and the teachers found it helpful to have non-fiction books matched to their topics. I can whole-heartedly recommend using Peters to improve reading standards within a school.

Alison Pickin, Head Teacher, St Peter's RC School

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