What Kids Are Reading Report 2018

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February 28th, 2018

What children choose to read can change year on year, and this report commissioned by Renaissance Accelerated Reader shows what is currently popular by using data from almost 1 million children and over 4,000 schools.  Over the last academic year, 18 million books were read by children across the UK and the Republic of Ireland as part of the Accelerated Reader programme. 

Renaissance Accelerated Reader is used in thousands of schools to motivate children to read for enjoyment, whilst at the same time giving teachers a way to track reading habits, progress and comprehension. Unique in style, it offers a three-step approach with children: first they read the book, they then take a computerised quiz and finally, they receive feedback, which includes findings such as results from their quiz, number of words read and comprehension level. This approach has yielded positive feedback from children who like to see what they have achieved and how they achieved it.

This report was written by Keith Topping, Professor of Educational and Social Research at Dundee University. Professor Topping has a number of his own published works and he is particularly passionate about Peer Learning.

Now in its 10th year, the What Kids Are Reading Report not only provides unique and interesting insights into what children choose to read, but highlights how reading stalls for many children once they reach secondary education and the genuine concerns we should all have about why children move away from accessing the curriculum in secondary school.

To download the full report, including the books listed and key findings, please sign up via the What Kids Are Reading website here


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