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January 8th, 2018

Last year, EmpathyLab launched Empathy Day, an annual event which this year will be taking place on 12th June 2018. This day will provide publishers, teachers and librarians with the unique opportunity to explore the benefits of reading and how it can nurture empathy. At Peters, we’ve also joined team #ReadForEmpathy by creating a Read for Empathy Guide and book collection.

So why reading and empathy? New scientific evidence has shown that books and reading can help to develop real-life empathy, and on Empathy Day, schools and libraries across the UK will be using books as a tool to challenge prejudice and build connections between young readers.

There are many ways you can get involved with Empathy Day, from reading our specially selected collection of books, to sharing recommendations on social media using the hashtag #ReadForEmpathy, and even putting empathy into action with specialist tools and activities.

The Read for Empathy Guide will be available from February for parents and teachers of 4-11 year olds, with a linked book collection of approximately 30 fantastic contemporary empathy-boosting books. This brilliant collection of books will be decided by a distinguished panel, featuring:

· Farrah Serroukh, Centre for Literacy in Primary Education
· Jon Biddle, Moorlands Primary Academy and Patron of Reading
· Nicolette Jones, Sunday Times Children’s Book Reviewer
· Emma O’Donovan, The Booksniffer
· Tricia Adams, CEO School Library Association
· Sarah Mears, Essex Library Service; EmpathyLab co-founder

You can pre-book this collection by clicking on the link. If you order today, you will also receive a set of bookmarks and a display poster plus 20% off your order.

MD Ray Dyer says“It’s been wonderful to see EmpathyLab burst onto the scene, with its timely drive for a world with more empathy. We’re excited to be working together to get more empathy-boosting books into children’s hands.”

Learn more about Empathy Day and Peters role in this brilliant book collection on EmpathyLab’s website

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