Peters signs Vision for Literacy Business Pledge

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January 8th, 2018

We’re extremely proud to announce that we’ve signed the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge again for 2018.

The Vision for Literacy Business Pledge, now in its second year, looks for support from the local business community and calls on them to join the National Literacy campaign to help deliver benefits in order to close the literacy gap and boost social mobility.

Why now? Thanks to research, it’s been said that if every child left primary school with the reading skills they need, the UK economy would grow by more than £30 billion by 2025. This, and many other disturbing facts on low literacy, is the reasoning behind our decision to sign the pledge.

The pledge was originally launched by the National Literacy Forum, with support from KPMG, and has since seen an increase in supporters, with it even being shortlisted at the 2016 Third Sector Business Charity Awards for an outstanding partnership between charities and businesses. As one of 51 businesses who have signed the Vision for Literacy Business Pledge, we will be joining the likes of Facebook, Amazon, and Sainsbury’s – who have re-signed after the successes of 2017.

To learn more about this amazing cause and how local businesses near you can get involved, check out this link today.   


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