Peters’ recommended reads – September

September 12th, 2018

Junior Fiction


Murphy, Jill

First prize for the worst witch

£ 9.99

Murphy has created a perfect world with her Worst Witch stories and this one doesn’t disappoint. Fans will love it new and old alike.



Murphy, Adam

Corpse talk

£ 9.99

Witty, engaging, and surprisingly informative, a great read for fans of Horrible History, leisure browsing, and even curriculum support. Dead brilliant!



Palmer, Tom

Armistice runner

£ 6.99

A painless way to learn about WW1 from a soldier’s point of view. It also tackles issues to do with Alzheimer’s. A good read.



Barker, Claire

Picklewitch and Jack

£ 6.99

Amusing culture clash tale, with an endearingly eccentric witch and some very inventive language. A really enjoyable read with plenty of appeal.



Torday, Piers

The lost magician

£ 12.99

An exciting and thought provoking story. The likeable, though flawed characters grow through their experiences and reveal their true potential. The ending is a little abrupt.



French, Vivian

Tom & Tallulah and the witches’ feast

£ 5.99

Light, engaging stand-alone read with genuine-feeling characters and a satisfying ending. Fab addition to fantasy collections.


Teen Fiction


Sedgwick, Marcus

The monsters we deserve

£ 12.99

An engrossing, erudite read, more to savour and discuss than “enjoy” but a read that will spook you on a basic level and get you thinking on a literary level. A joy for Sedgwick fans both teen and adult.



Walton, Leslye

The price guide to the occult

£ 7.99

Gripping, atmospheric magical tale with a strong sense of place & simmering with violence & intrigue. Characters are well drawn, dialogue is excellent. May lack mass appeal but well worth having.



Yakovleva, Yulia

The raven’s children

£ 6.99

Really quite extraordinary, though symbolism & history will be beyond most readers. Magical realist plot & excellent translation make for an engrossing read though, worth promoting as a Russian classic.


Picture books


Howard, Paul

I went trick-or-treating

£ 6.99

It’s been done before, but bright, lively illustrations work well with the cheery cumulative text. Great for story times or as a fun sharing read.



Glazer, Anya

Magical pets

£ 11.99

Lively & inventive, the text is simple but there is plenty of additional action to spot in the wonderfully expressive illus. Lovely for sharing.



Knapman, Timothy

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Bogey?

£ 6.99

Pretty bizarre set-up, but it has grotty appeal and a lively plot with an amusingly naughty protagonist. Try some for the ‘Dinosaur pooped’ crowd.


Non fiction


Hockney, David

A history of pictures for children

£ 14.95

Beautifully presented with a wealth of interesting information covering a wide subject area. Could be useful to support the curriculum and would also make a nice leisure read for art enthusiasts.



Bryan, Lara

Business for beginners

£ 9.99

Thorough, engaging, comprehensive, and inclusive. Everything you could possibly want, a great intro for budding entrepreneurs or business students.



I am the seed that grew the tree

£ 25.00

Impressive range of styles & poets featured with pleasant enough illus. ‘One for each day’ presentation offers browsers an engaging way in to collection & it will have multiple uses in schools. Great stuff tho it’s a very weighty tome!



My encyclopedia of very important dinosaurs

£ 14.99

Clearly laid out with eye-catching illustrations and accessible text that gives a wealth of information on this popular topic. Would be ideal for topic support and also as a leisure read.



Oldham, Matthew

My very first seas and oceans book

£ 9.99

A delightful book with lots of interesting facts, lovely illustrations and lots to look for. Would be good for both leisure and school use.



Frost, Adam

The awesome book of space

£ 6.99

Smallish size and tight binding are slightly disappointing but otherwise a wonderful treasure chest of wacky and amusing snippets presented in a fun, accessible way. Ideal leisure fare.



Miles, Lisa

The magical world of ballet

£ 14.99

Gorgeous photos and plenty of detail about the world of ballet, ideal for young fans. More serious dancers will find nothing new but it’s a lovely intro.



Hoffman, Susannah

Yoga for kids

£ 10.99

Instructions are clear & well illustrated & level is ideal for beginners. It works well as an intro to mastering each pose though a complete practice wouldn’t be possible without adult input. Overall it’s well worth having for subject coverage.


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