Peters’ recommended reads – June

June 18th, 2019

Our team of librarians at Peters read and review every children’s and young adult book we stock in our showroom, and we’re always on the lookout for the best and most exciting new titles. Here are some of our June favourites, from non-fiction to YA!

Junior Fiction


McNab, Andy

Get me out of here!

£ 6.99

A good story with characters you get to know and love, fabulous illustrations bring them both to life, and laugh out loud moments!! What more could you ask for? Well worth having.



Mitchelhill, Barbara

Secret Suffragette

£ 6.99

A gripping story that draws on the facts of the suffragettes plight told from a young girl’s perspective. Suitable for top juniors, the ending is perhaps a little too easily sorted out.



Armour-Chelu, Francesca

The butterfly circus

£ 6.99

An exciting story with characters that are easy to relate to. It has a message about finding inner strength in adversity. Good. Worth having.



Kelk, Lindsey

Magic at midnight

£ 6.99

Entertaining take on various fairy tale tropes, with a lively cast of characters and interesting twists. Ending is open for a sequel. Good fun.



Lai, Remy

Pie in the sky

£ 7.99

Heartwarming tale with engaging characters, perfectly complemented by expressive illustrations. Ticks boxes for PSHE as well as being an enjoyable read.


Teen Fiction


Green, Simon James

Alex in Wonderland

£ 7.99

Relatable and painfully funny characters are really appealing, and the sweet romance combined with mystery plot is really lovely. Great addition to shelves.



Sullivan, Deirdre

Perfectly preventable deaths

£ 7.99

Richly dark and menacing with a tension that is built up expertly to a heart-racing horrific crescendo. An original and gripping older teen read. Great.



Dessen, Sarah

The rest of the story

£ 7.99

Highly readable coming of age story with a likeable protagonist, a heart-warming romance & some larger than life supporting characters. Although some tough themes are touched on, it’s still an ideal beach read for teens. Very enjoyable.



Ibbotson, Toby

The unexpected find

£ 6.99

Unusual, well written & compelling adventure with interesting mythological links. Characters are intriguing, there is a vivid sense of place & some important topical themes are tackled. Lacks wide appeal but it’s ideal for quiet, thoughtful readers.



Menon, Sandhya

There’s something about Sweetie

£ 7.99

A light, frothy fun read which also engages with issues of body image. Predictable and lightweight but it’s really nicely done and works without any knowledge of the previous volume.


Picture books


Rosen, Michael

A dog’s tale

£ 6.99

What a delightful story with a message about life! Dogs are a good subject matter so should appeal to lots of children. Another hit from this pairing!! Great for sharing and discussion.



Willis, Jeanne

Don’t go there!

£ 11.99

Cute little martian and enough toilet humour to get kids laughing. Could help with toilet training, though mostly a leisure read and would read aloud well. Well worth having.



Schwarz, Viviane

How to be on the moon

£ 11.99

Sweet, imaginative story that does something new with the familiar “going to the moon” idea and illustrations are full of character.



Robinson, Michelle

Tooth fairy in training

£ 11.99

Delightful, amusing story with detailed but muted illustrations. The rhythmic lines help to keep the reader engaged. A lovely read.



Hart, Caryl

The princess and the shoe

£ 11.99

It is a bit overlong but it neatly turns the fairytale conventions on their head, making for a very amusing story and the illustrations are lovely.



Ismail, Yasmeen


£ 11.99

No plot to speak of, but the bouncy rhyme has great potential for reading aloud, and the energetic, adorable illustrations are delightful. Lovely!




Northfield, Gary

Joke book jamboree

£ 5.99

More a series of skits than actual jokes but no less funny for it. Needs no prior knowledge of the characters and the silly humour has bags of appeal. Great stuff for leisure collections.



Gates, Stefan

Science you can eat

£ 12.99

A great guide with clear explanations and an engagingly enthusiastic tone. Good photos and clever layouts tie it together well. Very useful and interesting.



Banfield, Jake

Show me cool magic

£ 11.99

Gives a good mix of actual tricks and background info on how to perform and structure a show etc. Presentations should date well too. Great stuff for leisure collections



Gifford, Clive


£ 16.99

Beautifully produced, thorough and well set out, this is lovely to browse through for enthusiastic science fans, and also handy for topic collections.



Campbell, James

The funny life of teachers

£ 6.99

An amusing look at the lives of teachers that will be enjoyed by children immensely.

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