Peters’ recommended reads – July

July 12th, 2019

Our team of librarians at Peters read and review every children’s and young adult book we stock in our showroom, and we’re always on the lookout for the best and most exciting new titles. Here are some of our July favourites, from non-fiction to YA!

Junior Fiction


Foster, Stewart

Check mates

£ 6.99

Bit of suspension of disbelief required at our hero’s instant chess success but characters are engaging and it deals with a few issues well. Decent read and much better than the premise might suggest!

Daykin, Chloe

Fire girl, forest boy

£ 6.99

Dual narrative works well in this environmental themed story. The magical element could be a metaphor for drawing on inner strength and showing resilience in times of crisis! Great for thoughtful readers.



Lipscombe, Helen

Peril en pointe

£ 6.99

A far fetched plot but an intriguing mystery that keeps the pages turning. Fans of ballet stories will enjoy reading about life in a ballet school albeit an unusual one. Good.



Forrest, Juliette

The true colours of Coral Glen

£ 6.99

An intriguing story that encompasses many things: grief, ghosts, sinister baddies and verges at times on horror. Colours aspect doesn’t add much and gets a bit annoying at times, but on the whole it grips.



Walliams, David

The world’s worst teachers

£ 14.99

Great collection of short, snappy tales. A few feel slightly samey but overall it gets a lot of mileage out of the theme. Fantastic appeal, be sure to have it in stock.

Teen Fiction


Kemmerer, Brigid

Call it what you want

£ 7.99

Beautifully and thoughtfully written, this contemporary young adult romance examines real teenage angst and serious issues. With a fast moving plot and complex, flawed characters who experience many emotions, this was an exciting and tense read.

Wood, Laura

Under a dancing star

£ 7.99

Lovely, summery read which pays clear homage to ‘Much Ado’ but works effectively in its own right. Explores themes of class, politics, race & sexuality but these never overwhelm either the gorgeous setting or the glorious romance. Ideal escapism!



Brahmachari, Sita

Where the river runs gold

£ 6.99

Slightly reminiscent of the Hunger Games at first, and it flows well and engages. Strong environmental message and intriguing characters, should be good for discussion. Worth having.


Picture Books


Hughes, Shirley

Alfie on holiday

£ 6.99

Story isn’t the most exciting but hey it’s Alfie & the beach/seaside setting has great holiday appeal. Worth having for fans as it’s sure to issue.



Griffiths, Alex G

The bug collector

£ 12.99

What a delightful book! A good story with a message about collecting wildlife with a solution! Snippets of factual information add interest too. Well worth having!



Miao, Sang

The immortal jellyfish

£ 11.99

A gentle story that could be a comfort to a child who has been bereaved. Expressive illustrations may not be to everyone’s taste. Worth putting in situation or PSHE collections.



Pashley, Sue-Ellen

The jacket

£ 11.99

A charming tale that can help with the understanding of the passage of time and the value of meaningful items to a family. Also could be linked to an eco theme of reusing. Collage illustrations are well done and expressive. Good.




Artymowska, Aleksandra

Alice in Wonderland

£ 16.99

Fantastic variety of well thought out and illustrated puzzles, suitable for a broad age range. Great to engage thoughtful kids, could work for mindfulness. Well worth having.

Cruddas, Sarah

Do you know about space?

£ 12.99

Usual high quality DK photos and question and answer format is engaging. Will have good appeal beyond the Moon Landing Anniversary and Summer Reading Challenge.

Animals up close

£ 9.99

Bright, bold illustrations with just the right amount of text and the range of animals selected is eclectic. Great for browsers in libraries or schools.

How to be a coder

Prottsman, Kiki

£ 12.99

A thoroughly detailed and informative look at all aspects of coding, with lots of fun activities which develop important skills of logic and reasoning in a variety of ways. Great for KS2 children who enjoy problem solving.

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