Peters’ recommended reads – December

December 12th, 2018

Our team of librarians at Peters read and review every children’s and young adult book we stock in our showroom, and we’re always on the lookout for the best and most exciting new titles. Here are some of our December favourites, from non-fiction to YA!

Junior Fiction


Grayson, Devin

Marvel rising

£ 8.50

Fun story with a good mix of characters and plenty of amusing set pieces. Great for character fans, with added appeal due to upcoming animation.



Lee, Tony

Agent of P.A.W.S.

£ 9.99

A good introduction to graphic novels. Action packed, brightly coloured and a daft but fun story that will be enjoyed by fans of the genre.



Lee, Tony

My little brother’s a zombie

£ 9.99

Enjoyable, quick paced story on a popular theme, nicely creepy without being scary. Fab for graphics fans, suitable for HiLo too. Well worth having.



Morgan, Sally

The cherry in the cake and other mysteries

£ 9.99

Engaging and enjoyable mysteries with appealing presentation. Lots of anachronisms, but readers probably won’t mind. Good for puzzle/whodunnit enthusiasts.



The funniest book ever

£ 9.99

Great selection of strips, with a variety of styles of humour and art. Good appeal to a wide range of readers; well worth stocking.



Walliams, David

The ice monster


A romping great read. Full of adventure and lots of really smelly farts. It brings ‘alive’ Victorian London and a woolly mammoth!



Morgan, Sally

The pound of the Baskervilles and other mysteries

£ 9.99

Fun mysteries and a good mix of plots and gimmicks. Tone has a slight US bias, but it’s not overt. A sound buy for fans of puzzles.



Almond, David

War is over


Probably doesn’t have immediate appeal, but thought provoking narrative would certainly open discussion on the effects of conflict, propaganda and hate speech.


Teen Fiction


Oliver, Lauren

Broken things


An enjoyably gritty thriller, with excellent characterisation and plenty of twists to keep the reader guessing. Great stuff for older teens/adult crossover.


Picture books


Hay, Sam

A very corgi Christmas

£ 6.99

Ending is perhaps a little predictable but the story is very sweet and the illustrations are lovely. A really nice addition to festive collections.



Lamont, Priscilla

Hodge Podge Lodge


A sweet story with a very current theme of recycling. Lovely illustrations will add to the appeal and encourage discussion. Useful for PSHE topic boxes. Good.



Tan, Shaun



Moving, evocative story and the illustrations are wonderful but the grind of the nine to five probably won’t have huge child appeal. Might have some uses for gifted and talented.



Walliams, David



Story is great fun and maintains its humour whilst sensitively giving an important message. Ross’s artwork complements the text perfectly and brings it to life. Well worth a read.



Noakes, Polly

Hide and seek

£ 5.99

Sweet little story with a fun twist and the illustrations are lovely and really convey the summer vibe. Worth having some.



Cottrell Boyce, Frank

Watership Down


Loses quite a lot of subtlety in potted version of the story but this attractive TV tie-in edition has shelf appeal and it’s accessible.


Non fiction


Thorpe, Yvonne

The ultimate guide to women’s football

£ 12.99

Really comprehensive guide, with plenty of fascinating facts and snippets of information. Photos are well-used and this is a good addition to leisure collections.



Nathan, Ian

Lights, camera, magic!


Includes a lot of detail and some small text, but if you want to get the gossip and methods behind making the film, while poring over film stills, this is for you! Bound to have shelf appeal.



Last, Shari



Spider-Man fans will enjoy this official guide. It is clearly laid out and easy to access information about the characters in the recent film.



Cox, Lizzie

The book of no worries


Clearly and succinctly explained and attractively presented with well-chosen examples and quite wide ranging in scope. Useful PSHE material.


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