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January 28th, 2019

Want to join in and show your support for the Great School Libraries campaign?

Alison Tarrant, CEO of the School Library Association (SLA) and chair of the Great School Libraries working group, shares her ideas on how schools can get involved.

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“This campaign is running for three years, and its aims are vital in making sure that all children receive the benefits that stem from a funded and staffed school library. We’re collecting best practice and doing research into what makes a great school library, and how those benefits can be maximised for every pupil. We understand that schools will have varying demands, but this campaign is about showing the breadth of impact so that schools know how to work within their limitations and context in order to provide the best for each pupil. We’re aiming for closer collaboration and a deeper understanding of how school libraries can flourish in our educational landscape – they can be an important partner in improving outcomes and helping teachers.”

Library staff – Submit a case study of something you do and how it impacts on pupils. Sign up to the newsletter to keep up to date with the latest news. Post on the SLA discussion forum with an anecdote that reminds you why you work in a school library.

Teachers – Submit a case study of a high impact lesson or event you’ve run with your school library. What does having a school library mean to you? Click here to find the case study template or share using the #GreatSchoolLibraries hashtag on Twitter.

Governors – Sign up and let us know why school libraries have your support – what do you expect of them? Are you a link governor for one? How do you know it’s succeeding?

Headteachers – Sign up and let us know why you think a school library is important – what does it add to your school environment? How does it help your school meet its aims? How do you justify expenditure on the school library?

Parents – Sign up to our newsletter and click here to watch a video all about what school libraries can do. Ask your local school whether they have a school library; is it staffed? Is it funded? Do pupils use it in lesson time? Let us know what you find out using the #GreatSchoolLibraries hashtag on Twitter.

Everyone – Let us know of good news stories to do with school libraries in your area. Seen a brilliant programme? Had a fantastic journey with a pupil? Rejuvenated a library space? Let us know!

Click here to find out more and sign up.

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