Books for early years

Choose from a huge range of big books and picture books for reading aloud, as well as board books and play books for introducing numbers and letters. Our expertly chosen books help children to build the foundations for reading in those all-important early years.

The best titles

Choose from childhood favourites like ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ or ‘Green Eggs and Ham’, or our librarians can recommend something you may not have seen before…

Put on a show

Make story time show-time with our range of story sacks, giving you everything you need to wow your young audience.

The right books for you

Our experienced librarians can help you select the best books. Use our bespoke selections service and we can select a full range of titles, or opt for a book pack with handpicked titles to suit your needs.

Early Years Pupil Premium

Early Years Pupil Premium provides nurseries, schools and other funded child care providers with a total of £50 million for disadvantaged 3- and 4-year-olds from April 2015.

Using your funding to invest in the right books for early years will help give those disadvantaged children a head-start when it comes to learning to read. Peters can help you to achieve this, with a showroom full of books to choose from along with expert advice from our specialist children’s librarians.


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