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December 12th, 2018

Did you know that only 4% of children’s books published in 2017 featured BAME characters?

Earlier this year, CLPE’s Reflecting Realities report highlighted the lack of diversity in UK children’s publishing.

More so than ever, it’s crucial to find books that represent the diverse and varied experiences and cultures of all pupils. That’s why we’ve updated our website to make it even easier to find fiction and non-fiction by BAME authors, or books that feature minority ethnic characters.

Visit our Advanced Search to search by any of the following keywords.
“BAME author” – Author(s) or illustrator(s) as main contributor, or contributor to anthologies
“BAME biographies” – Historical or current figure(s) of note
“BAME characters” – Fiction titles that have character(s) or plot strands that feature or focus on specific ethnic, cultural or religious group(s).
“BAME history” – Historical events or persons
“Children around the world” – Fiction set in a non-UK country (exclude US/Australia unless ethnicity is a focus). Non-fiction including examples of cultures from a variety of countries
“Multicultural society” – Fiction or non-fiction that presents a range of positive Illustrated / photographic images or characters representing the cultural diversity of UK society without that being a focus or theme of the book.

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