AfA Ten Million Minutes Reading Challenge winners

November 9th, 2017

Between 9th -15th March this year, schools from across the UK were asked to get involved with Achievement for All’s (AfA) Ten Million Minutes Reading Challenge. Tasked with reading for as many minutes as they could fit in, the schools went above and beyond what was expected and actually read for over 15 million minutes!

The winning school was Monks Abbey Primary in Lincoln, who won a £10,000 reading area (courtesy of Peters) for their students. We recently caught up with them to see how they’re getting on. They said:

“The impact the new reading areas have had has been phenomenal. We were incredibly fortunate to have been able to make a difference from our early years classes, right through to year 6. They have not only made such a wonderful change to our learning environments but have provided an exciting place for our children to read and for many, sparked an interest in exploring a range texts. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Peters and Achievement for All for enabling us to continue on our journey of being a reading school and creating inviting spaces for our children to develop their love for reading.”

Children from the school also had a lot to say, including:

Wiktoria age 10 – “Winning the ten million minute challenge made me want to read more! Knowing we had a chance to win brand new library areas for our classrooms made me push myself towards achieving these amazing rewards! Even though I already loved reading, this made me get lost in so many different books! Thank you so much to Peters and Achievement for All!”

Sofija age 10 – “At first I wasn’t so sure about the challenge but once the challenge started and the buzz spread around school it as incredible! We won some wonderful new books and I found some stories I truly adored (and that are now on my letter to Santa!)

Nelas age 10 – “Before taking part in the challenge I really didn’t like reading, I found it boring! My teacher helped me to find a new book and I read Tom Palmer’s Ghost Stadium in two days – before that, I had never finished a book! The challenge helped me to give reading a purpose and now I love it!”We’re so happy to hear that the students, teachers and librarians are able to grow and develop as a reading school, and we hope they’ll continue exploring new books in the years to come.

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