40% off book banded titles

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February 26th, 2019

Get 40% off* a huge range of book banded titles when you buy before 3rd May 2019!

With more than 5000 titles to choose from, including schemed, non-schemed, fiction and non-fiction, you’re sure to find the books you need at the right reading levels for your pupils.

Reading books are often graded in complexity by reading levels known as book bands. These are the titles by which children learn to read, then go on to develop and practise their reading skills. Each book is graded from lilac to dark red. This colour standardisation has been adopted by many publishers and allows for measured reading progress across a wide range of materials.

To select books by book band level, see below. To choose books by publisher, click here.


Lilac- Band 0


Pink- Band 1


Red- Band 2


Yellow- Band 3


Blue- Band 4


Green- Band 5


Orange- Band 6


Turquoise- Band 7


Purple- Band 8


Gold- Band 9


White- Band 10


Lime- Band 11






Dark Blue


Dark Red


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