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Catch up book lists from OneEducation (KS1 and KS2)

Children's reading will have been affected by the pandemic in different ways, and teachers are being encouraged to spend time 'catching up' to address any learning gaps.

For those children still learning to decode, the combination of missing phonics teaching alongside fewer opportunities to practise reading aloud, is likely to mean that many children have fallen behind. For these children, having a clear school-wide approach to the teaching of early reading and phonics, alongside building their understanding and enjoyment, is crucial. 

In partnership with specialist education experts OneEducation, we recommend the following book lists below for their schools seeking the right reading material for pupil catch up.


Gifted and Talented Year 1–6 Guided Reading Year 3–6 Book Phonics for KS2 – Big Cat Phonics Progress Phonics for KS2 - Reading Stars Plus HiLo for KS1 HiLo for Lower KS2 HiLo for Upper KS2  


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