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The Dewey Decimal Classification system (DDC) is the world's most common way to organise library collections. The whole of human knowledge is divided into 10 main divisions, or hundreds, and then into ever more complicated sub-divisions. The system has been updated many times to accommodate developments in how we think about the world.  The current edition is 23, which is what is used by the bibliographic team at Peters. For children’s libraries or school collections a simplified or truncated version is often used. This is our recommendation when laying out a library for children and is reflected in the searches below.

If the non fiction in your library is laid out by Dewey we can add Dewey labels to the spine of your books to help shelving and navigation. You can opt to use our Deweys, or amend them to suit your own requirements when checking out.

To help younger children get to know the system it is common to use colour coding. Select standard colour coding as a servicing option when checking out.

000 Information, ideas, feelings

100 Ideas and feelings

200 Religion

300 Society, life and people

400 Language

500 Science and nature

600 Science and technology

700 The arts and sport

800 Literature, poetry, plays

900 Geography and history



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