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Labelling your school library stock can be key to ensuring books are reshelved efficiently and therefore that the widest range of stock possible is available to pupils visiting the library.

Our standard recommendation to cover the majority of schools' requirements is to use fiction spine labels and non-fiction colour or Dewey labels, to help sequence authors alphabetically and aid searching for titles.

Our team also offer bespoke labelling in consultation with schools and their needs. For more guidance on labelling, email, or download our new report on labelling and creating a reading for pleasure culture

See below for the full range of labels available.



Peters can produce barcodes suitable for most library management systems. Enter a start and end range that you would like us to put in your basket.

Date labels

We can supply and fit date labels which are 10cm wide by 12.5cm long. The date label is placed centrally on the first page and glued along the top. 

Dewey colour coding

We can add a colour sticker denoting Dewey range, placed at the bottom of the spine. We will apply colours as per this Dewey colour chart.

Fiction spine labels

A landscape spine label can be printed with the first three letters of the author's surname. This is placed 1cm up from the base of the spine. If the spine is too narrow to read the label, it is rotated to run along the spine.

Non-fiction spine labels

We can apply spine labels with Dewey numbers (up to three decimal places). These are applied 1cm up from the base of the spine, and can be edited in your basket.

Book banding colour bands

We can label your books with colour stickers relating to the Institute of Education's book bands. These are placed at the top of the spine. 

Phonics phase labels

A label indicating the book's phonics phase will be applied to the top right corner of the front cover. If a book sits across more than one phase, we will use the label for the highest relevant phase.

Reading Recovery level indicators

We can apply labels showing the level for books in the Reading Recovery intervention scheme. These are placed at the top of the spine (directly below the colour band if also used). 

Accelerated Reader reading level & quiz label

A label showing the bibliographic detail, as well as AR reading level, points value and quiz number. This is fitted centrally on the inside front cover.

Accelerated Reader interest age colour band

A colour band denoting AR interest age, fitted to the top of the spine.

Accelerated Reader reading level label

A small spine label showing AR reading level and points. It is fitted either 1cm up from the base of the spine, or immediately above any other label.

Accelerated Reader reading level label colour

A colour band denoting reading level, fitted to the base of the spine.

Unprogrammed RFIDs

A blank, un-programmed RFID can be fitted on the inside back cover of your books. It is placed 1cm in from the spine and in a variable position depending on text layout.

Ownership labels

A large sticker with your establishment details can be provided. This will be placed on the inside front cover, centrally.

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