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Order your Read for Empathy packs for 2021

Selected by an expert panel, the Read for Empathy collections from EmpathyLab can be used to build empathy and inspire children and young people to make a positive difference in their homes, schools and communities. 

The 2021 collections are available to order from 26th January 2021. Register your interest in the new collections today to get 26% off the RRP, plus free delivery. Estimated costs (with discount) for each pack are as follows:

  • Read for Empathy primary collection (30 books) – £173 approx. 
  • Read for Empathy primary mini collection (novels and graphic novels) – £70
  • Read for Empathy primary mini collection (picture books and poetry) – £103 approx.
  • Read for Empathy secondary collection (20 books) – £117 approx. 

Simply fill out your details and submit the form below, letting us know which collection you're interested in, and how many packs you'd like.



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