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Pearson have partnered with White Rose Maths to power up Power Maths, their whole-class mastery programme recommended by the DfE. The new edition ensures Power Maths remains fully aligned with the new White Rose Maths schemes of learning and takes on board teacher feedback to make key improvements throughout. With all new Power Maths you can be confident that:

If you’re new to Power Maths, this is the edition that we recommend you buy. The current edition of Power Maths still aligns with current maths mastery guidance, and remains available so anyone who is using the current edition can keep using the resources they are familiar with.

Power Maths Editions

The Power Maths textbooks provide a coherent structure through the curriculum and support children on their journey to deeper understanding. The textbooks set out the core learning objectives for the whole class, with 'Discover', 'Share' and 'Think Together' sections help promote discussion and ensure mathematical ideas are introduced to children in a logical way to support conceptual understanding.



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