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HiLo (texts to inspire and support)

The term HiLo stands for high interest with a lower reading level, and refers to books that engage readers through simple vocabulary, shorter chapters, and attention grabbing storylines, offering inclusive pathways into reading for all pupils.

HiLo books help to build reading fluency, vocabulary, and interest in reading, especially with those pupils who are still to be inspired by reading, or perhaps have a particular need that requires support e.g. dyslexic pupils, those who may find the layout or glare from the page challenging, or pupils who are simply struggling to build reading stamina with longer texts. 

They are books that teachers can provide to older pupils at a lower level, without them appearing too young for their age, and also allow for paired or shared opportunities between readers of different abilities.

See below for our team's top ten recommended HiLo titles for each key stage, including both fiction and non-fiction. Looking for additional HiLo material? See all HiLo series available for both primary and secondary.

HiLo books for KS3

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HiLo books for KS4

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