BooksForTopics Year Group Recommended Reads 2024 packs: Win a school visit from Tom Percival - Peters
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BooksForTopics Year Group packs:
Win a school visit from Tom Percival

This giveaway is now closed. Learn more about about our partnership with BooksForTopics, their updated Year Group Recommended Reads lists for primary schools, and the author and illustrator Tom Percival below.

Recommended Reads packs updated for 2024

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Selected by BooksForTopics' panel of children's book experts, teachers and librarians, the newly updated Year Group packs contain 50 recommended reads each to encourage reading for pleasure in your school. 

Celebrating children's books: Peters and BooksForTopics

For over 2 years, we've worked with BooksForTopics to bring schools high-quality books. Together, we want to help make it easier for teachers, librarians and school staff to encourage pupils to read for pleasure, as well as create a richer learning experience of curriculum topics.

All of the BooksForTopics book packs we supply contain the titles selected by BooksForTopics' panel of teachers, librarians and children's book experts.

Through our partnership giveaways and celebrations, we've donated £1000s worth of books to schools across the country.


Meet author and illustrator, Tom Percival!

Tom Percival is an author and illustrator who lives in Stroud with his family and The Best Dog in the World (apologies if you happen to think that your dog is The Best Dog in the World). A lot of his books explore social connections, community, equality and emotional growth, but he also makes room to write a bit of pure escapist fun once in a while.

Books include the Big Bright Feelings series, the Dream Defenders series, and the award-winning The Invisible. His upcoming publication, The Wrong Shoes, is for 9+ readers. For every copy of The Wrong Shoes sold, £1 of the cost will be donated to the National Literacy Trust.


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