Must-have books for Year 3

October 9th, 2018

Year 3


Battle of the cyborg cat By Ade Adepitan

General information – A boy with a calliper starts a new school and makes friends with a group of boys who let him join their football team.

Ade is the new kid on Parsons Road. He knows he should make an effort and make some friends but it’s not easy when you look different to everyone else. It’s only when Ade sees off some bullies that Dexter, Brian and Shed realise who Ade really is: their new friend, part cyborg, part footballing genius and all hero.

Over the summer, the boys’ days are filled with adventure and laughter but the first day of school is not far away and things are about to change forever.

– A well-written quick read that covers a number of issues sensitively. Illustrations could be better but football theme and author should appeal, especially to reluctant readers. A really nice read.



Isadora Moon goes to the fair By Harriet Muncaster

General information – Isadora has a magical time when she goes to the fun fair with her parents and her witch fairy cousins, Mirabelle and Wilbur.

Isadora is excited for her first ever trip to the fun fair, but when she arrives it’s not quite as magical as she expected. Luckily, her cousin Mirabelle has a plan to make the fairground rides extra special. What could possibly go wrong?

Review – Entertaining story with an endearing main character, perfectly complemented by the lovely illustrations. Great for series fans, or stands alone well.



Fantastically great women By Kate Pankhurst

General information – Biographies of 13 women who had an impact on society throughout history

Kate Pankhurst, descendent of Emmeline Pankhurst, has created this wildy wonderful and accessible book about women who really changed the world.

Discover fascinating facts about some of the most amazing women who changed the world we live in.

Fly through the sky with the incredible explorer Amelia Earhart, and read all about the Wonderful Adventures of Mary Seacole with this fantastic full colour book.

Bursting full of beautiful illustrations and astounding facts, Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World is the perfect introduction to just a few of the most incredible women who helped shaped the world we live in.

List of women featured: Jane Austen, Gertrude Ederle, Coco Chanel, Frida Kahlo, Marie Curie, Mary Anning, Mary Seacole, Amelia Earhart, Agent Fifi, Sacagawea, Emmeline Pankhurst, Rosa Parks, Anne Frank.

Review – Layout is a little jumbled in places, but this is a bright and appealing look at some truly remarkable women. Great for history/biog projects or as a leisure read.



Monster mountain chase By Mo Farah & Kes Gray

General information – Young runner Mo and his friends encounter all kinds of dangerous wildlife including Big Foot while visiting the Rocky Mountains in America.

After returning home from a long cross-country run, it’s time for Mo and his friends to decide where to go on their next running adventure.

Sandwiches at the ready, the friends head somewhere beautiful, with glistening snow and sparkling lakes… The Rocky Mountains!

But crossing states is tiring work, and with lots of new creatures (and monsters!) to meet along the way, will Mo and friends ever get time for a sandwich break?

Here comes Big Foot… RUN!

From Olympic gold medal winner Mo Farah and bestselling author Kes Gray, comes a fun fiction series which will get kids reading, and running too!

Review – Interesting use of varied text sizes and repetitive story style makes an accessible, fun read with some incidental learning on healthy eating and exercise too!



Bat loves the night By Nicola Davies

General information – Describes the nocturnal life of the pipistrelle bats.

Bat loves the night. During the day she sleeps, hanging upside down in her roost- . But when night falls, Bat awakes and hunts – swooping and diving until the first light of dawn calls her back to her baby.

Did you know that bats aren’t birds, but mammals? That they sleep upside down? That their babies are called batlings? That they shout as they fly, using their voices to find their way?

This intriguing book takes you deep into the fascinating nocturnal world of Bat, the monarch of the night.

NOTE : Book banded for guided reading by the Institute of Education for KS2 at Brown – narrative non-fiction / natural history / distinguish fact and fiction

Book banded for KS1 at Gold

Review – Gentle, informative text. Atmospheric illustrations bring the topic alive.



Daisy and the trouble with chocolate By Kes Gray

General information – Daisy runs into problems when she decides to take the class hamsters she is looking after with her to Chocolate Land.

Daisy is SO excited! She’s been picked to look after the class hamsters, Pickle and Pops, over the Easter holidays – AND her mum’s taking her to Chocolate Land!!!

Trouble is, the two things probably shouldn’t mix…

The totally troublesome and laugh-out-loud funny new tale from the bestselling Daisy series.

NOTE : Suggested by the British Dyslexia Association:
“great … for dipping in and out of or reading together out loud, and one that we think is a real confidence booster, not least because it’s thick yet easy-to-read thanks to large font and imaginative use of black and white ink throughout.

Review – Daisy is an adorable character and there are some real chuckle-out-loud moments. Chunky but a very accessible read. And Chocolate Land sounds awesome!



The volcano challenge By Bear Grylls

General information – A video game addict finds himself on a volcano adventure with Bear Grylls when he comes into possession of the magic compass.

Charlie loves a challenge – he’s addicted to video games and an expert at figuring out how to get to the next level. But sometimes the real world can seem a bit dull. Then he finds himself on the slopes of an active volcano, with red-hot lave heading his way! There’s no time to be bored with Bear Grylls as his guide.

Can Charlie come up with a strategy to survive, or will it be game over when the volcano erupts?

Book banded by Peters

NOTE : Describes the cooking and eating of a dead sheep which may upset some readers.

Review – A short, pacey adventure that is ideal for readers who are new to JF. Celebrity author, survival tips and engaging illustrations will appeal and may also link in with topic work. Worth adding to collections.



My name is not refugee By Kate Milner

General information – Explains refugee and migration issues for young readers by following the journey of a young boy with his mother.

A young boy discusses the journey he is about to make with his mother.

They will leave their town, she explains, and it will be sad but also a little bit exciting. They will have to say goodbye to friends and loved ones, and that will be difficult. They will have to walk and walk and walk, and although they will see many new and interesting things, it will be difficult at times too.

A powerful and moving exploration that draws the young reader into each stage of the journey, inviting the chance to imagine the decisions he or she would make.

NOTE : From the winner of the V&A Student Illustration Award 2016.
Klaus Flugge Prize Winner 2018

Review – Illustrations set the tone very well and simple text is thought-provoking in a way that is accessible for young children. A good resource for PSHE in both KS1 and KS2.



Ask Oscar By Alan MacDonald

General information – A boy meets a very special dog who has the ability to talk.

Meet Oscar. He’s no ordinary dog…

Sam has wanted a dog for AGES, so when Oscar turns up on this doorstep he can’t believe his luck. And when he finds out Oscar’s secret he can’t believe his ears! Now he just needs to persuade his mum and dad to let Oscar stay.

But first the town’s dogs are under threat, and the duo need to hatch a plan! It’s daring, It involves a Poopomatic machine, flying iced buns and the Queen. So it can’t fail.

NOTE : Book banded by Peters.

Review – Light & amusing doggy tale with lively characters & a couple of laugh out load moments. Illus are fun. Great child appeal.



Bunny vs Monkey By Jamie Smart

General information – Wacky adventures featuring a rabbit and a monkey who wants to rule the woods where all the other woodland creatures live.

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big… Mechanical Mole Tank! Wait, that doesn’t sound right…

Prepare for chicken zeppelins, the pig-o-tron 5000, the indestructible action beaver, a squirrel with a passion for baking and loads more!

This is Good vs Evil. Science vs Nature. This is Bunny vs Monkey!

Review – Amusing character range and short, pithy episodes. Enjoyable quick read for HiLo audience or graphics fans.



Pet dragon By Sally Symes

General information – A detailed instruction guide to looking after dragons as pets

A spectacular and fun spoof pet-care guide to dragons, with clear, concise information on everything from choosing an egg to feeding, grooming and training your dragon, plus spreads on taking your dragon to the vet and teaching it to fly!

Stunning illustrations from M. P. Robertson, combined with witty and amusing text make this a perfect guide for any child who’s ever dreamed of having a dragon in their life.

Review – Detailed illustrations are a treat and the text is quite good fun. An amusing spoof with plenty to look at and enjoy.



Mr Penguin and the lost treasure By Alex T Smith

General information – Mr. Penguin and his side-kick, Colin the spider, are called in to solve a mystery when treasure goes missing from the local museum.

It has been weeks since Mr Penguin’s last adventure and he’s been stuck at his desk, twiddling his flippers ever since. That is until the phone rings!

Mr Penguin and Colin (a spider and Mr Penguin’s silent right hand man) are called in to find the missing treasure somewhere in the Museum of Extraordinary Objects.

The quest finds them solving secret codes, fighting ferocious beasts, eating fish finger sandwiches and travelling deep below the museum to a lost jungle…

Indiana Jones meets Hercule Poirot in this new Alex T. Smith series with plenty of slapstick humour, mystery and adventure. Highly illustrated throughout with a striking black and orange design.

First title in a new series

Book banded by Peters.

Review – Rollicking mystery adventure with endearingly eccentric characters, accompanied by brilliant illustrations. An absolute hoot and a must for all libraries!


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