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October 9th, 2018



We wear pants By Katie Abey

General information – A crowd of animals show off their favourite clothes, with elements to spot and count in each picture.

Pandas wearing pants? Surely not! And what about wombats wearing wellies, sloths in socks, or even giraffes wearing scarves? Whatever you do today…don’t forget to get dressed!

This absolutely hilarious book will have parents and children giggling together as they find their favourite animals wearing funny things.

We Wear Pants invites children to choose their favourite things across 12 spreads, packed with animals wearing pants, socks, pyjamas, glasses, shoes, shirts, wellies and more. With interactive speech bubbles and hilarious shout outs.

– Vibrant, lighthearted illustrations with plenty to spot and discuss on each page. Great to browse or share, and would be helpful for early years too.



Look I’m a scientist

General information – Simple and fun experiments introduce children to scientific principles and processes.

You were born with everything you need to be an awesome scientist: a brilliant brain and super senses. Get ready to touch, smell, see, hear and taste your way to scientific amazement.

Find out:

Why water turns to ice in the freezer
What makes slime super gloopy
How to make the biggest bubbles
And much, much more!

Review – Excellent range of fun & simple scientific experiments that are well explained & illustrated. A must for low level leisure non-fiction colls!



Quick Quack Quentin By Kes Gray

General information – A duck searches for a spare letter A so that his phonically quirky quack sounds better.

Quentin was a duck with a very quick quack. ‘QUCK!’ said Quentin. ‘What’s wrong with me?’

Quentin’s quack has lost its A. Do any of the other animals have one to spare? Not likely! APES don’t want to be PES. SNAKES don’t want to be SNKES. PANDAS don’t want to be PNDAS or even PANDS. Will Quentin be stuck with a very quick QUCK?!

From the award-winning Kes Gray and the winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, Jim Field, comes an hilarious tale about one duck’s quest for a missing vowel!

Review – Hilarious story that would be so much fun to read aloud (if a little challenging!) and the illustrations are a delight. Another winner from this pairing.



Rumble in the jungle By Giles Andreae

General information – There’s a rumble in the jungle
There’s a whisper in the trees
The animals are waking up
And rustling the leaves.

Enter the jungle and explore this noisy collection of animal poems for young children from Britain’s best-selling contemporary poet, Gile Andreae, also known as the hilarious Purple Ronnie.

Review – Bright friendly illus. Fun & humorous poems. Good fun.



Picking Pickle By Polly Faber

General information – The longest-serving resident of a dog’s home helps a visitor to find the right dog.

It can be a pickle to pick the right dog. Take a guided tour of the dogs’ home with one characterful canine – he’s been there the longest and knows everyone, so he’ll make sure you bring home the perfect companion.

Meet bouncy Boo-Boo, super-sized Harvey and noisy Wiggins. Perhaps you’ll like clever Dumpling – she can bark in five languages. Or are you posh enough to please Petunia? Open the pages and make your choice.

Picking is a pickle, but I’m sure you’ll make the right decision!

Review – I want a dog now! Utterly adorable illustrations of doggies that are so expressive and full of life they practically leap off the page. Sweet story too. Buy lots!



Hole in the zoo By Mick Inkpen

General information – Two children find their house invaded by various animals that have come through a hole in the wall from the zoo.

In the garden at Number 2, there’s a hole in the wall that belongs to the Zoo. And things have started coming through!

Jam-packed with mischievous animals swinging, splashing and crashing through the pages, this energetic rhyming adventure is a breath of fresh air.

Review – Fun idea and child-friendly humorous colourful illustrations match well. Tale seems to lose its way towards the end, but regardless fans of this pairing sure to request!



My big shouting day By Rebecca Patterson

General information – A little girl has one of those days where everything puts her in a bad mood.

Bella is having one of those days – her biscuit is broken, she has a hurting foot and ballet is toooo itchy for words. All she can do is shout!

But by the end of the day, when she’s all tired out from being shouty, Bella knows there’s one magic word and one magic mummy to make things better again…

Review – Wonderfully observed & extremely funny. Expressive illus & simple story capture perfectly the frustration felt by many toddlers. Well worth having.



The jolly postman By Allan Ahlberg & Janet Ahlberg

General information – A delightful postbag of real letters for you to open and read

New, large-size edition of top-selling title – over 5 million copies of POSTMAN titles sold.

The Jolly Postman delivers cards and letters to various fairy-tale characters.

He has a letter of apology for the three bears from Goldilocks, a postcard from Jack for the giant, a solicitor’s letter on behalf of Little Red Riding-Hood for the wolf who ate grandma, and so on.

There are six envelopes in the book, each containing letters, cards, etc.

Review – Slightly larger format to this classic which no-one thought libs would buy!



Everybunny count By Ellie Sandall

General information – The bunnies count from one to ten as they play hide and seek with fox.

A counting story with bunnies galore!

Did you know that bunnies love to play hide-and-seek? Count from one to ten with these cheerful bunnies and one not-so-scary fox!

Companion to “Everybunny Dance!”

Review – Illustrations are incredibly sweet and expressive and rhyme flows very well. A lovely story to share whilst introducing children to the concept of counting. Well worth buying.



10 blue butterflies By Sam Williams

General information – A spot-and-find counting book which counts from one to ten whilst inviting the reader to search for the relevant number of animals hidden in each picture, also introducing animal names and colours.

Can you find 1 red ladybird among hundreds of multi-coloured ladybirds? How about 2 orange fish or 6 brown bears? And how many colourful chameleons can you find in the 1 big chameleon?

Review – Simple first concepts material with bright, striking illus & fun spotting element. Worth having for low level non-fic or picture book colls.



We’re going on a bear hunt By Michael Rosen

General information – Three children with their father explore the countryside

We’re going on a bear hunt… Will you come too?

Follow and join in the family’s excitement as they wade through the grass, splash through the river, and squelch through the mud in search of a bear. What a surprise awaits them in the cave on the other side of the dark forest!

Winner of the 1989 Smarties Book Prize and highly commended for the Kate Greenaway Medal

Book banded by the Institute of Education for Reading Recovery level 11 (Blue)

Review – Excellent. An established favourite that demands to read again & again.



The sleepy dinosaur By Karen Wallace

General information – A sleepy dinosaur tries to find the perfect place to go to bed.

This sleepy dinosaur just cannot find the perfect place to sleep – until he’s snuggled up in bed!

The Tiddlers series features fun stories with a word count of fewer than 50 words for children who are just starting to read.

A word list at the beginning of the story allows for a quick check of the reader’s ability to read and understand words before reading, and a puzzle at the end of the story encourages rereading for pleasure.

Book banded by the publisher.

Review – Very simple story but it’s very effective with cute illustrations and dinosaurs are ever-popular. A lovely addition to Early Reader collections.

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