Bring a little of Elmer into your reading space

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October 3rd, 2017

When it comes to creating an inspiring reading space your young readers will love and enjoy relaxing in, it’s important to use the area creatively and carefully. 

From introducing bright colours to engage readers and fill them with excitement, to creating comfortable seating so that they can feel at ease when reading their new favourite book, there are so many elements to creating the perfect reading hub.

So why not try adding a little Elmer to your classroom or library? From elephant-shaped shelving, to vivid rugs, a dash of Elmer will brighten up any room.

For just £849, your readers can enjoy:

– elephant graphics and shelves

– box shelving

– Elmer stackable cushions in a handy carry case

– a colourful rug

– assorted square vinyls

Not only that, but you can also purchase:

– Elmer patchwork and rainbow beanpods that are water-resistant and can be wiped clean for £55 each.

– a large Elmer rug for £199 – the perfect space for enthusiastic readers.

Want to learn more? With free delivery on all products, and with so much to choose from, it’s easier than ever to add a zest of colour to your reading space. View our Elmer furniture range today or get in touch with a member of our furniture team to discuss your own classroom or library’s needs.

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