Book services

Peters offer a range of book services to make your life easier. Use our bespoke selection service and let our librarians select the best books to suit your requirements. We also offer optional book jacketing and labellingĀ on all orders to provide you with the complete shelf-ready package.

Bespoke selections

Do you need a helping hand choosing the right books?

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We have a range of options available for the labelling of your book stock, from book banding to barcode labels.


Protect your new titles from everyday wear and tear with our plastic or premium book jackets.


Index, tag, lend and track your book stock thanks to barcodes, date labels and RFID tags.

Why choose Peters?

Personal service

Value for money

Protect your books to ensure a longer shelf-life

Unique products

Saves you time

Gets books into the hands of readers more quickly and easily

Expert knowledge


Receive bibliographic data for your library management system

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